Friday, May 10

Creative Memories Storybook Creator

Anyone out there shopping or trying to figure out how to save and document all your memories? It took me awhile to figure it out. I've gone back and forth with different programs. None are quite like this one. The Creative Memories Storybook Creator digital scrap booking program. This program is just awesome. You can literally design anything. Most importantly, scrapbooks are actually super easy to make. There are packages you can buy to actually have click and fill pre-designed pages. Or you can start from scratch. Personally, I'm loving the click and fill. I don't really have the time to fully figure out layouts and such. So these are perfect for me. The positives of digital scrapbooking? There are tons! The paper and embellishments you buy (you can also find lots for free at times), are endless. No going back to the store to buy more stickers and paper. Also, you can buy digital scrapbook stuff anywhere! Or even design your own images for paper, etc. My favorite place to find the perfect "papers" to use is of course, If I have something in my mind, I can typically go there and get like 10-12 digital papers for a couple bucks! Again, I can use them over and over for forever! And they are just as easy to import in to the software. But you can get them from the Creative Memories site as well! Also, Creative Memories has a Freebie Friday deal with 4-5 embellishments to download.  
Also, I never have to worry about printing my pictures. I just click and drag. And viola! :) 
Here are a few pages that I pulled from this years scrapbook.
Anyone interested? I know a great sales rep to get you hooked up with! :)
The price for the software is not that bad. I think mine was in the $70-$80 range. But seriously, it's worth it. You can design family tree wall decor, invitations, page prints, and much much more!

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